VetMedAcademy is an educational charity based in the U.S. dedicated to the creation, curation and sharing of open-sourced veterinary educational materials for veterinary and animal health students worldwide. It is the charity arm of, which offers training to veterinary technicians and veterinarians.

VetMedAcademy’s constantly evolving learning modules include unique and curated open-source short videos, readings, links and quizzes with automatic feedback, and case-based exercises to encourage critical clinical thinking. Its charity mission seeks to always maintain these resources FREE to students and faculty worldwide. VetMedAcademy is multilingual, currently with extensive modules in English and Spanish, with developing modules in German.

Furthermore, VetMedAcademy’s learning materials are housed on its Moodle learning management site. Moodle is the world’s most common open-source learning management system, and faculty interested in either using VMA’s website or using the learning materials on its Moodle or YouTube sites are encouraged to re-use them according to a Creative Commons Attribution license standard.


For students just entering veterinary school, stay tuned for VetMedAcademy’s “Vet School Bootcamp,” which will provide relevant succinct self-directed learning materials to aid the transition from pre-veterinary to veterinary training.

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