February 19, 2018

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A student experience of WikiVet LIVE!

March 17, 2018

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Veterinary dreams...

February 19, 2018

Marta Dadun is a second year student studying veterinary medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland. She was the winner of the WikiVet LIVE! Samsung Galaxy Tablet prize giveaway, which was kindly donated by Mars Petcare.



Most veterinary dreams start long before the training does. This sentence describes me in a perfect way. When you are a child, the same question always appears – who do you want to be in the future. In my case the answer was quite obvious from the beginning. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a vet one day. As a child I was always interested in how the body works and wanted to know the answer to many facts connected with nature. What’s more I came from a vet family so let’s say that it might be in my blood. My father, uncle, aunt and my cousins are all connected with veterinary medicine, but it’s my grandfather who showed me vet life. He took care of large animals because he lived in the country. Together with my grandfather I used to visit many farms especially during my summer holiday. My “job” was to provide him with some stuff like drugs, needles etc. from his huge bag. 


So having all this in my mind during high school I decided to apply for veterinary medicine at university. Now I’m in the second year of my studies. Moreover, I’m very pleased with the fact that I’m an IVSA member because it gives me huge opportunities to gain practical knowledge as well as meet fantastic people from around the world. From this year on I have the pleasure of being the IVSA Warsaw Treasurer. Thanks to our organization I’ve been on a student exchange and some congresses. Furthermore I’ve attended the event called TNT – Training New Trainers in Croatia which was organized by IVSA in cooperation with EPSA (European Pharmacy Student Association), we were trained there to become trainers in the future. It was a great experience to meet some pharmacy students as well as to gain some knowledge about soft skills and public speaking. After this training in Croatia I want to develop my training skills and deliver as much training as possible. It’s a great opportunity to focus more on things not strictly connected to scientific knowledge but also on aspects that are useful in everyday life as well as in my future job. The thing that makes me like the subject I'm studying is that although we gain so much knowledge from many fields of scientific education & medicine it also broadens horizons and it is a good eye-opener. 


I would like to focus on a significant aspect of veterinary medicine which is ethics. In my opinion every vet ought to be conscious about the fact that veterinary medicine is not only about curing animals, but also about taking care of them and provide them decent living conditions. It ought to be considered with small domestic animals as well as breeding animals, in my opinion this problem involves larger animals, especially in Poland. The conditions in which they exist do not seem to be decent enough. There should be more ecological farms that are smaller, rather than intensive agriculture. On bigger farms animals are treated just like living meat and people don’t seem to care so much about their wellness, basic needs and liking. Breeding animals there can’t meet with basic wellbeing because they can’t even move around. In my opinion ecological agriculture may be a solution. Another good idea might be reducing the amount of meat that we consume. I’m not talking about totally non-dairy and non-meat diet (although being vegan or vegetarian is getting more & more popular). That’s the way I try to do it as well as searching for foods from ecological agriculture. In Poland of course, there are some ecological farms but their numbers are still low. Fortunately, it’s noticeable that eco lifestyle is getting more popular so demand on eco farms is growing together with the trend. 


Ethical aspects of veterinary education is a good food for thought and every future or current doctor ought to stop for a minute and have some time for thinking about that aspect of life. In conclusion, I hope that veterinary medicine will be going in good ethical direction as well as through the same my career will grow and I will be a successful vet one day!



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