Puppy Growth Chart Resources

WALTHAM TM puppy growth chart resources

Essential Nutrition for Cats and Dogs

Many years of scientific research have shown that nutrition is essential for the provision of energy to sustain a healthy life and to help reduce the risk of certain diseases, often referred to as functional nutrition. This book focuses on those nutrients essential for sustaining life.

Healthy Weight Maintenance for Cats and Dogs

Recently, it has been estimated that approximately 40% of cats and dogs exceed their ideal weight. Being overweight can have serious health consequences for cats and dogs, just as this condition does for humans. Many owners appear to have difficulty recognising that their pet is overweight. There is, therefore, a need to educate owners about the importance of regularly monitoring the weight and body condition of their pet and to offer simple solutions to ensure they remain within the ideal range.

Puppy Nutrition and Care

Everyone enjoys playing with a puppy. Puppies are so full of energy and enthusiasm. Puppyhood is, however, a critical time. Puppies soon grow into large and demanding dogs with sharp teeth. Mistakes during this critical time period can fundamentally change a puppy’s relationship with people and other dogs and also influence their health and wellbeing. This booklet provides a succinct and readable introduction to key steps in the nutritional and behavioural development of puppies.

Human-Animal Interactions

Humans have depended on animals since the dawn of our species, but it is only recently that a field of study, known as anthrozoology, has emerged to help us better understand people’s relationships with animals. Anthrozoology, the study of human-animal interactions (HAI), seeks to examine the full range of people’s associations with animals, including wildlife, pets, therapy, agricultural, zoo and laboratory animals.

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