Keeping the wheels turning – Personal and industry sustainability

BVSc, BSc (Biological Sciences)

Massey University School Graduate, November 2017

Ministry for Primary Industries - New Zealand; Veterinary Technical Supervisor


The story always begins with: “I have wanted to be a Vet since I was a kid.” Most of us have only ever dreamed of making it into Veterinary School… we have made it, living the dream, what now?


Having had a relatively convoluted pathway of actually gaining entry into vet school on the other side of the world from home, I too found myself in this predicament after working for over 10 years towards the goal of training to officially becoming a qualified veterinarian. Going through vet school, I quickly began to understand that training to be a vet encompassed so much more than just treating animal patients. It was the ‘soft skills’, or the non-technical tools we can add to our metaphorical tool box that really started to appeal to me. This growth began forcing me to evaluate myself as a person, as well as how to work with others around me, and the impact that might have, either intentional or not.


The opportunities that are gained by completion of a veterinary science degree have far surpassed what I could have comprehended. Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” and there is so much change within the veterinary industries future to be had. By working together, and supporting each other, greatness can be achieved. These are not goals, or challenges that can be faced alone; We need one another.


Join me while I share my story of some of the changes that have been made possible that you wouldn’t normally think to be related to veterinary school. In hopes of inspiring you to make a difference as well, we will explore mental wellbeing, community outreach, and innovative product and service designs working to shape the world of the future. Don’t underestimate the power that you have to made a change for the better, and there is no need to wait until graduation day.

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