Wisconsin Companion Animal Resources, Education, and Social Services (WisCARES) protects the human-animal bond within vulnerable populations using a one-health framework that acknowledges and leverages the relationship between people, pets, and communities. This is accomplished through provision of veterinary medical and social services, increasing access to human health services and housing, and providing education, social support, and community space. WisCARES also provides quality training and research opportunities for students of participating disciplines, promoting interdisciplinary relationships and collaboration.     


Veterinary care can provide a key intervention point in human healthcare, wellness, and public health because of the human-animal bond. WisCARES is able to improve the lives of people seeking access to our services for their pets because of the trust and personal connections formed through taking care of their beloved family members.


This talk will expand on how the human animal bond relates to One Health, as well as how cooperation between veterinary medical, pharmacy, and social work students at WisCARES help pet owners and their pets, who are currently experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, homelessness. Additionally, the global problem of access to veterinary care and proposals for how it may be improved by founding more organizations like WisCARES will be addressed.

BSc (University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign Graduate 2016), DVM candidate (University of Wisconsin-Madison - USA)

The human-animal bond: A gateway for human and animal medical intervention

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