Gemma graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London in 2010. From 2010 to 2015 she managed a showjumping stables for a top international Spanish rider in Madrid. In 2016 she obtained her Masters degree in equine reproduction from the University of Extremadura in Cáceres, Spain.


Since graduation, Gemma has worked as an editor and consultant developing educational content for numerous different pet health projects, in addition to being involved in veterinary education projects WikiVet and OVAM and being responsible for WikiVet outreach.


Gemma has a special interest in digital marketing and graphic design and branding, and she particularly enjoys being involved in the creative aspects of projects. Gemma is fluent in Spanish and has worked on several large translation projects. In addition she has a keen interest in nutrition and reproduction and believes that providing quality educational resources can contribute towards improving the opportunities for all students. 

BVetMed, MSc, MRCVS 
Freelance Consultant

Project Officer and Graphic Design, WikiVet, UK

Gemma Gaitskell-Phillips

Dr Gemma Gaitskell-Phillips

WikiVet, Consultant

Graphic Design and Branding Manager

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