Dr Colin Dunlop is a 1980 veterinary graduate of Sydney University, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Anaesthesiologists (1986) and was an Associate Professor and Chief of Veterinary Anaesthesia at Colorado State University (1985-1995). He has worked and taught at the University of Glasgow, UC-Davis, Colorado State University, and University of Sydney. His 22 years experience in veterinary anaesthesia have established an international reputation as an expert in veterinary anaesthesia, particularly in the fields of inhalation anaesthesia delivery equipment, anaesthesia morbidity, anaesthesia mortality and problem recognition/management. 

A practicing veterinary anaesthetist, Dr Dunlop practices clinical anaesthesia and trains the anaesthesia team for 1 day each week at the Randwick Equine Centre, 1 day at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Sydney and one evening each week at SMRI imaging centre in Sydney. 

Alongside his clinical practice, Dr Dunlop has also written and implemented the AAS Veterinary Anaesthesia Workshop Programme for veterinary nurses and veterinarians across Australia and in selected South East Asian locations. In 2007 he was invited by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association to conduct training seminars through China (1-day seminars in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou) and India. Colin has run anaesthesia problem recognition and management workshops for veterinarians and technicians in Thailand (2000 to 2003), China (from 2007 to today), India (2007), Japan (2012), Hong Kong (2010-2013) and the UK (2010-2013). Colin was an invited speaker at the recent World Small Animal Veterinary Association meeting in Capetown, S Africa where he gave numerous presentations on innovations in anaesthesia delivery. 

Dr Dunlop is a world-recognised and sought after speaker at veterinary professional education meetings in Australia, USA, and Europe, and he consults to Australian and international companies in anaesthesia pharmaceuticals and equipment. 

He founded Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists in 1996, an Australian company focussed on development, manufacture and service of innovative products for veterinary anaesthesia and critical care. The company develops and manufactures equipment attempting to solve some of the long standing problems unique to veterinary anesthesia including prevention and treatment of hypothermia, delivery of lower gas flow inhalation anesthesia to reduce the environmental impact of waste gas and simple anaesthesia delivery systems integrated with monitoring systems having problem recognition and management capability. AAS now has offices in the USA, UK & Hong Kong. We anticipate commencing business in Japan in the September quarter, 2015. 

Advanced Anesthesia Specialists has received significant competitive grant funding to support from Commercialisation Australia for its research and development effort and holds over 15 groups of international patents for developments in the field of veterinary and human anaesthesia.


CEO, Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists

Colin Dunlop

Dr. Colin Dunlop

CEO, Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists


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