About WikiVet LIVE!

WikiVet LIVE! is the first ever FREE, LIVE, 24 hour, ONLINE e-learning event for veterinary students around the world. The 24 hour programme will be live on 10th March 2018, consisting of three 8-hour streams, coordinated by three time zone centres:  GMT -8 (Eastern Stream), GMT (Central Stream) and GMT+8 (Western Stream).​

The WikiVet LIVE! collective, brought together by student demand

Organising Committee

Dr. Bev Panto
International Conference Coordinator
Dr. Michael Huang
IVSA Student Coordinator
Lisa Buren
IVSA Student Coordinator
Prof. Jill Maddison
Central Regional Programme Coordinator
Dr. Hugh White
Eastern Regional Programme Coordinator
Dr. Duncan Ferguson
Western Regional Programme Coordinator
Dr. David Tollon
Western Regional Programme Coordinator
Dr. David Senior
Programme Advisor
Dr. Gemma Gaitskell-Phillips
Graphic Design and Branding Manager
Dr. Nick Short
Central Stream Coordinator
Dr. Theophanes Liatis
Website Developer
Kamila Karimjee
Social Media Officer
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WikiVet LIVE! 2018 is a trademark of the WikiVet Trading Company, which is wholly owned by the WikiVet Educational Foundation. 

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